Clicker and Mobi Quick Help Guide  

If you are unable to find your answer here please contact 
Penni Dyer at pdyer@eaton.k12.co.us.

To create a Database

-open CPS “the CPS open or create new database window appears” 
-choose Create New CPS File 
-Click OK 
-follow the instructions for the next 4 steps  
-the database that you have just created will automatically open each time 

Export a Database

-open CPS 
-open the database that you want to export 
-click File menu>Export Database 
-browse to the place you would like to export to (for example the “o” drive) 
-type the database name in the filename area 
-save (will save as a .CXM file) 

Import a Database

-open CPS 
-open the database that you would like to import into or create a new database to import 
-click File menu>Import Database 
-browse to find the database that you want to import (only databases with the .cxm 
extension will be available to import) 
-click to open (it may take several minutes) 
-all data will be imported to the appropriate tabs 

Create Lessons

-open database 
-click Prepare>Lessons and Assessments tab 
-click New 
-click Lesson 
-type in a title for your lesson (fill in other options if you wish) 
-click OK 

 Question Author

-click New to create a new question 
-choose the format you would like in the format column 
-type in the question and possible answers 
-click on the correct answer
-click Save or the icon with a disk and green arrow to save that question and still 
remain in the Question Author section 
-click Close to close (your work will be saved if you clicked save after each question) 
-use the green arrow buttons to move from question to question 
-use the font section to change fonts 
-click on Template from the Format area to change the style of question (chalkboard, 
graphic, no graphic) 
-click Show Question form the Format area to use the chalkboard function 
-click Engage in the Options area to select the delivery options for the question (these 
 show image after response 
 show image full screen 
 exclude questions from self-paced and practice assessments 
 engage as Free-form 
-click Question in Options to include notes and media with the question or to assign a 
difficulty level to a question 
-click Preview in the Proofing area to preview a question 
-click Spelling to spell check the question 

 Fast Grade Lessons (answer key type lesson) 

-Prepare>Lessons and Assessments 
-click New 
-select Fast Grade 
-type in a title 
-click OK 
-CPS Fast Grade opens: (you should see the following) 
 # of questions (gives the total # of question for your lesson) 
 question columns (gives various types of questions to use) 
 properties (opens the CPS Lesson Attributes window) 
 standards (you can associate standards with your questions) 
 current question (shows the question # that you are currently on) 
 previous (takes you back one question at a time) 
 next (takes you forward one question at a time) 
 rubric (allows you to associate a rubric with a question) 
 other (allows you to create “placeholder” question for essays or short answers) 
-click the blue answer button that corresponds with the question type and the correct 
response for each question 
-repeat this step until you have entered all answers 
-click OK 
-the Prepare>Lessons and Assessments tab appears with the lesson name added in with 
the other lessons you have created 

 Subjective Questions (no “correct” answer)

-click New 
-select Question
-click Template and choose a style 
-click the Blue Arrow in the drop-down box in the format area 
-select Performance Question 
-type your question 
-select an associated rubric from the Associate Rubric box 
-click Save 
When you want to have a no “correct” answer for multiple-choice, true/false, or yes/no 
questions just make sure that no answer is check-marked when you save the question  

Chalkboard Questions (verbal questions)

-open Prepare>Lessons and Assessments 
-choose a lesson to add chalkboard questions to  
-click New 
-click Question 
-click Template 
-select Chalkboard 
-use the Chalkboard Toolbar on the left-hand side to add images, draw, or alter pen 
-click Answer to select the answer for the question 
-click Save to save the question 
-click Close when you are finished 

Print a lesson from CPS

-select the lesson 
-click Print in the lessons group or right-click on the lesson and choose Print Questions 
-choose Select All or click inside the boxes by the questions you wish to print 
-choose any other options you wish to print out (ex. A place for student’s name) 
-click Preview (graphics will print but will not show up in the preview) 
-click Print 
(An answer key will be printed so don’t print more than one copy.  Print one and then 
copy the assignment or export it to a file and print only the pages you want) 
To export to a file follow the same steps as above only after clicking Preview click on 
Output.  Choose RTF for Microsoft Word or Text File for Notepad.  Use Save in: dropdown menu to choose a location to save your file.  Type in the file name and click save.  
Review the file and make any layout adjustments and then print. 

To Import a roster

Import From IC

Login to IC 
Open Ad Hoc Reporting
Open Filter Designer 
Create a filter with Query Wizard 
Choose Student Data type 
Choose Next 
Name the filter and then choose the following fields: 
From under Demographics choose:  First Name, Last Name, and grade 
From under Learner/schedule/course section choose:  course name and Teacher name display From under Section Schedule choose:  Period Start 
Now open Data Export and highlight your filter 
Choose Comma Separated Values and click Export 
-format the data to include the following two column headers: 
(these do not need to be capitalized or in this order, you can also have a column between 
You can also add a column for the Pad ID#’s, name it 
 PADID (no spaces) 
Student ID 
Ethnic code 
 GRADE  (the grades need to be spelled out, not numbers for example First, K, Pre-K 
-save the data as a .csv file 
-now open CPS 
-click Prepare>Classes and Students 
-click Import
-choose .CSV from the list 
-click Next
-click Browse
-select the file you want to import 
-click Open
-select and Instructor from the Select Instructor window 
-click OK
-select the class name or select all 
-click Next
-click Done

Import a Class from a CPS Database

-click Import 
-choose Database 
-click Next
-click Browse
-click Open
-select the class or classes you want to import 
-click Next
-click Done