Drives and Files

K: Drive

For Students, Teachers, and Staff

The K: drive is where students, teachers, and staff should store the majority of their files.  To Save to your K: drive choose save or save as in the files menu then make sure that your K: drive is showing the the save in: box.  Name your document and then Save.

O: Drive

For Teachers and Staff

The O: Drive is the common drive; anyone in the district may view and affect these folders and files. If you have created a folder on the O: Drive it should be located in the folder according to your building location. For example, if you are a teacher at Eaton Elementary, your folder should be located in the EES folder on the O: Drive. If you have documents that you do not want others to view, please save it to your K: Drive instead of the O: Drive.

Some of the common elementary folders such as Flooding, Spanish Translations, and Elementary Counseling are located in the District Elementary Schools folder. Any district wide folders such as logo, ESD Health, Media Centers, Transportation, Food Service, District Office, etc., are located in the District (K12).

Search: If you are unable to locate a file on the O: Drive, you can perform a search for it. Open the O: Drive, press Control F or click on the Search button in the tool bar to bring up the search screen. Enter your folder name in the appropriate search box. If you are unable to locate your files, please see your building tech rep.

New Folder: When creating a new folder on the O: Drive, please create it in the appropriate building folder and label it with your personal name.

Please check your folders periodically and delete any old photos or documents you have saved on the O: Drive if you are no longer using them.


If you want to create a folder for EMS or EHS students to view, please create it in the EMS or EHS Student folder on the O: Drive. Students can only view items in the EMS or EHS Student folders when using the O: Drive. If you would like students to save to a folder, you will need to set the permissions for the folder.

To Set Permissions: Create the folder and right-click on the name. Click on Properties and then the Security tab. In the top box, you need to click on the M/student group. The permissions for that group appear in the box below. Check or uncheck the boxes that apply to your requirements and then click APPLY.